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Are You Ready To Unlock The Enchanting World Of Quranic Recitation Through The Ten Qirat? Welcome To Rahiq Academy’s Ten Qirat Online Course, Your Gateway To Mastering The Art Of Quranic Recitation And Exploring The Rich Tapestry Of Recitation Styles. Our Course Is Thoughtfully Designed To Cater To Both Beginners And Advanced Learners, Offering A Flexible And Comprehensive Learning Experience Right From The Comfort Of Your Home.

What Makes The Ten Qirat Unique?

The Quranic Landscape: The Quran Is Recited In Ten Unique Qirat Styles, Each With Its Distinct Pronunciations, Letters, And Harakat. These Variations Date Back To The Time Of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) When Diverse Tribes Had Their Own Dialects. Importantly, These Differences Do Not Alter The Meaning Of The Quran.

Let’s Explore Some Of The Ten Qirat Styles:

  • Naafi’ Al-Madani: Qari Muhammad (R.A.) And Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal Preserved This Style.
  • Ibn Katheer Al-Makki: Qaari Imam Shafi Is Possibly The Most Notable Qaari Who Recites Quran In This Manner.
  • Abu Amr Al-Basri: Two Prominent Qaaris, Ad-Doori And As-Soosi, Preserved This Qirat Style.
  • Ibn Aamir Ash-Shami: Heishaam And Ibn Zakwan Are Among The Best Qaaris Reciting In This Style.
  • Asim Al-Kufi: Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A.) Recited The Quran In This Manner.
  • Hamzah Al-Kufi: Khalaf And Khallad Are Two Crucial Preservers Of This Qirat Style.
  • Al-Kisaa’i: Al-Layth And Ad-Doori Were The Two Qaaris Who Recited The Quran In This Style.
  • Abu Ja’far Al-Madanee: Sulayman And Isa Guarded This Qirat Style.
  • Yaqub Ibn Al-Basri: Ruways And Rooh Preserved This Qirat Style.
  • Khalaf: Ishaq And Idris Preserved This Qirat Style.

Why Choose Rahiq Academy For Your Ten Qirat Course?

The Digital Age Meets Quranic Tradition: Rahiq Academy Believes In Preserving The Sacred Tradition Of Quranic Education While Leveraging The Power Of Technology. Our Expert Teachers Are Hafiz-E-Quran, Capable Of Reciting The Quran With Authenticity And Precision. They Are Fluent In Both English And Arabic, Ensuring Seamless Communication With Learners.

Global Accessibility: Wherever You Are In The World, Rahiq Academy Welcomes You To Join Our Online Academy. Learn Quranic Recitation In The Convenience Of Your Home With A Wide Range Of Courses, Including Arabic Qirat, Suitable For Learners Of All Ages.

Expert Guidance And Support: Our Experienced Quran Teachers Are Dedicated To Helping You Improve Your Recitation Skills. We Offer Personalized Guidance And Support To Kickstart Your Qirat Classes Online. With Rahiq Academy, You Are Assured Of The Highest Quality Quranic Education.

The Significance Of Ten Qira’at

Ten Qira’at Highlight Variations In The Pronunciation Of Letters And Harakat In The Quran, Preserving The Text’s Original Meaning. These Variations Have Historical Roots, Originating From Diverse Schools Of Thought And Tribal Dialects During The Time Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Even The Prophet Himself Approved Multiple Recitation Styles And Angel Hazrat Jibraeel (A.S.) Taught Him Seven Different Recitation Styles.

Enroll In Our Ten Qirat Course Today And Witness Remarkable Improvements In Your Quranic Recitation Skills. Our Courses Promote Quran Memorization, As Students Are Required To Recite Quranic Verses Repeatedly Using Various Methods.

Explore Our Exceptional Course Features

  • Certified Tutors: Our Handpicked Tutors Are Highly Qualified And Experienced To Provide Top-Notch Training.
  • Online One-On-One Sessions: Interactive Video Sessions Are Tailored To Your Individual Learning Needs And Schedule.
  • Free Trial: Evaluate The Course Content And Tutor Effectiveness With Our No-Obligation Free Trial.
  • Completion Certificates: Receive A Certificate Upon Course Completion.
  • 24/7 Online Classes: Learn At Your Own Convenience, Anytime, Day Or Night.
  • Excellent Course Materials: Handpicked By Arabic Speakers And Quran Scholars To Ensure The Best Learning Experience.

Discover The Art Of Qirat And Its Profound Significance With Rahiq Academy’s Ten Qirat Online Course. Enhance Your Quranic Knowledge, Master The Qirat Styles, And Deepen Your Connection With The Quran. Enroll Today And Join The Journey Of Quranic Excellence.

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