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About This Course

Looking For An Online Quran Memorization Course Led By Certified Male And Female Quran Teachers? Look No Further Than Our Program. Our Courses Are Designed To Help Muslims Achieve Their Goal Of Finishing Hifz Quran.

 Whether Your Aspiration Is To Become A Hafiz Of The Quran Or To Memorize Just A Few Short Surahs To Enhance Your Prayer Experience, Our Online Quran Hifz Classes Are The Perfect Way To Begin Your Journey Towards Lifelong Memorization Of Allah SWT’s Holy Book.

Our Students Typically Complete The Memorization Journey Of The Holy Quran Within A Range Of 3 To 5 Years, Depending On Their Dedication And The Frequency Of Their Classes. With Our Experienced Teachers And Tailored Curriculum, We’re Confident That You Can Achieve Your Quran Memorization Goals In A Timely And Effective Manner.

What Sets Our Online Hifz Course Apart From The Rest?

When It Comes To Online Quran Learning, You May Come Across Numerous Providers. However, Raheeq’s Hifz Program For Adults Stands Out From Other Online Quran Memorization Classes Due To Its Unique And Exceptional Features.
Here Are Some Factors That Make Our Quran Hifz School The Best Online Quran Memorization Course:

✔ Complimentary Level Assessment For New Students
To Ensure That Our New Students Are Placed In The Right Course That Suits Their Level, We Offer Two Free Level Assessment Sessions. At Raheeq , We Have Various Course Levels Ranging From Foundational Classes To Direct Recitation And Memorization Classes, Depending On The Student’s Arabic And Quranic Proficiency, Which Is Evaluated In The First Two Sessions.
✔ Native And Experienced Quran Teachers Accredited By Al Quran
At Raheeq , We Go Above And Beyond To Hire The Most Highly Qualified Online Quran Teachers Who Can Provide Exceptional Classes For Quran Memorization Online. Our Male And Female Quran Teachers Undergo Rigorous Assessment And Screening Before They Are Assigned The Responsibility Of Teaching Quran Learners.
✔ Our Teachers Are Well-Trained, And Most Of Them Have Graduated From Al-Azhar University, Which Is One Of The Most Renowned Universities In The Islamic World. Additionally, They Hold An Ijazah, A License That Indicates Their Authorization By Higher Authorities To Teach The Holy Quran Recitation With Tajweed, As Confirmed By Approved Sheikhs And Scholars In Egypt.
✔ Learning Quran Recitation And Memorization With Tajweed Rules Online From Native Arab Teachers Is A Great Advantage. Since The Quran Is Revealed In The Arabic Language, It Is Crucial To Learn It From An Expert Arab Quran Tutor Who Will Guide And Assist You In Accurately Pronouncing The Arabic Letters From Their Specific Place Of Articulation. This Is Essential For Achieving The Correct Quran Recitation. Our Tutors Are Also Proficient In The English Language, Making It Easier To Interact With Their Learners And Deliver Quran Lessons Seamlessly.
✔ Engaging And Positive Learning Environment
Our Tutors Possess Exceptional Skills In Teaching Quran Memorization To Kids. They Employ Fun And Interactive Techniques To Teach Kids Quran Memorization And Engage Even The Most Restless Children During Their Online Quran Memorization Classes.
✔ One-On-One Online Quran Memorization Classes
We Offer One-On-One Online Quran Hifz Classes To Give Our Teachers The Opportunity To Focus On Each Learner, Ensuring An Interactive, Effective, And Enjoyable Learning Experience. Our Quran Memorization Online Classes Are 30% To 40% Faster Than Group Classes Because In The One-On-One Setting, Students Receive Full Attention And Memorize Quran Quickly, Saving Time And Effort.
✔ Regular Revision And Practice
Revision Is Vital To Learning, And Our Online Quran Memorization Classes Show Learners How To Revise Quran Hifz Properly And Avoid Forgetting By Conducting Comprehensive Revision In Parallel With New Memorization.
✔ Affordable Subscription Fees
Our Goal Is To Provide The Best Quran Teachers And Exceptional Online Quran Teaching Services At Affordable Subscription Fees For All Learners Seeking Quran Memorization And Recitation. Compared To Other Educational Institutions That Charge Students Exorbitant Fees For Classes, Our Online Quran Classes Are A More Affordable And Dependable Option, Both In Terms Of Learning And Pricing.

Course Description

✔ At Our AhlulQuran Institute, We Offer A Comprehensive Online Quran Memorization Course That Can Be Tailored To Suit The Student’s Individual Needs And Preferences. Our Course Can Focus On Memorizing Specific Parts Of The Quran, Such As Juz’ Amma & Juz’ Tabarak Or Any Other Surahs. Alternatively, Students Can Choose An Intensive Hifz Course, Depending On Their Goals And Preferences.

✔ The Amount Of Memorization Or Recitation Required Will Be Determined By The Student’s Preference And Goals. Typically, It Takes Our Students Between 3 To 5 Years To Complete The Goal Of Memorizing The Entire Quran, Depending On Factors Such As Their Determination, Language Level, Memorization Cognitive Skills, And The Number Of Classes Per Week.

✔ Our Quran Memorization Course Also Includes A Detailed Study Of Tajweed Rules. This Includes An In-Depth Study Of Rules Such As Ikhfaa, Idghaam, Iqlab, Ghunna, Qalqala, Makharij (Points Of Articulations), And Rules Of Waqaf (Stopping Rules During Recitation), With Practical Applications.

✔ Under The Guidance And Support Of Our Experienced Native Arabic-Speaking Teachers Who Have Graduated From Al-Azhar University, You Will Practice Applying These Rules To Your Recitation Of The Quran. You Will Also Learn How To Detect And Apply These Rules On Your Own.

✔ In Addition To Quran Recitation And Tajweed, Our Course Also Includes An In-Depth Study Of The Meaning And Reasons Behind The Revelation Of Each Verse Of The Quran. This Is The Utmost Benefit Of Learning The Holy Quran, And It Helps Students To Gain A Deeper Understanding Of The Teachings Of Islam.

✔ In Conclusion, If You Are Looking For A Quran Memorization Course That Is Tailored To Your Individual Needs And Preferences, Raheeq Academy Is The Perfect Choice. With Our Experienced Native Arabic-Speaking Teachers Who Have Graduated From Al-Azhar University, You Will Receive The Highest Quality Education And Guidance. Join Us Today And Start Your Journey Towards Memorizing The Holy Quran While Gaining A Deeper Understanding Of Its Teachings.

✳️Online Quran Memorization Course With Tajweed Goals

✔ At Raheeq , We Offer An Exceptional Online Quran Memorization Course With Tajweed Goals. Learning And Memorizing The Quran Is A Significant Act Of Virtue In Islam, As It Demands A Deep Understanding And Respect For Its Teachings. According To The Prophet Muhammad PBUH, “The One Who Is Proficient In The Recitation Of The Qur’an Will Be With The Honorable And Obedient Scribes (Angels) And He Who Recites The Quran And Finds It Difficult To Recite, Doing His Best To Recite It In The Best Way Possible, Will Have Two Rewards.” [Al-Bukhari And Muslim]

✔ Whether You Aim To Do Hifz Quran Online, Quran Recitation Online, Or Our Tajweed Course Online, We Have A Course Suitable For You. Our Proficient Teachers Are Native Arabic Speakers Who Graduated From Prestigious Islamic Institutions. They Provide Quality Education And Guidance To Help You Master The Quran With Tajweed.
✔ Our Online Courses Are Flexible And Convenient, Allowing You To Learn And Memorize The Quran From The Comfort Of Your Own Home. We Offer Special Hifz Quran For Adults And Kids, Tajweed Course Online, And Quran Recitation Online. It Takes Only A Few Clicks To Start Your Journey Towards Memorizing The Quran With Tajweed, So Enroll Now And Get Two Free Trials!

In Summary, If You Are Looking To Memorize And Learn The Quran With Tajweed, Raheeq Is The Perfect Place For You. Our Exceptional Online Quran Memorization Course With Tajweed Goals, Taught By Native Arabic Speakers And Graduates Of Prestigious Islamic Institutions, Offers Flexible And Convenient Learning Opportunities. Take Advantage Of This Rewarding Journey And Enroll In Our Hifz Quran For Adults And Kids, Quran Recitation Online, Or Tajweed Course Online Today.

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Our Pro And Elite Plans Offer Lesson Cancellations And Rescheduling. For Maximum Flexibility, Elite Offers Unlimited Lesson Rescheduling With No Penalty Fee.

Yes, Pro And Elite Plans Offer 5% And 10% Discounts For Members Of The Same Household. Most Of Our Families With Children Choose The Pro Plan For Scheduling Flexibility And Sibling Discount.

We Are A Subscription Based Service. Once You Sign-Up With A Credit Card, You Will Be Charged Monthly, Depending On The Plan You Choose And How Many Hours You Schedule.

Yes, You Pick The Time That Suits You Best. Teachers Are Available 24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week.

No. All Lessons Are Live And One-On-One With A Teacher.

Our Headquarters Is In Wyoming, USA. Our Staff And Teachers Are Ocated All Over The World.

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