Quran Recitation Classes

Master Quran Recitation Online With Rahiq Academy’s Quran Recitation Course

Are You Craving To Fluently Recite The Quran With Right Pronunciation And Tajweed Rules? At Rahiq Academy, We Gift Our Complete Online Quran Recitation Course Tailor-Made To Empower You To Examine The Quran With Self Assurance And Precision. They Are Proficient In Arabic Letters, Tajweed Concepts And The Beauty Of Online Quran Classes. Whether You Are Starting From Scratch Or Developing Your Current Capacity, Our Course Is Designed For Everyone.

What You’ll Achieve

Master Tajweed:

Enhance Vocabulary:

Understand Quranic Meanings:

Conceptualize The Overall Meanings And Wisdoms Which Might Be Conveyed In Every Verse Of The Quran.

Perfect Recitation:

Articulate Sounds:

Learn The Precise Articulation Of Arabic Letters And Their Attributes.

Apply Stopping Rules:

Recognize And Put In Force Pausing Symptoms (Al-Waqf) Inside The Quran.

Quran text of Sura al Fatiha with color indications for rules of tajw i d

Who Should Enroll?

Our Quran Recitation Course Caters To:

Beginners Starting From Scratch.

Intermediate Novices Looking To Deepen Their Quranic Reading Abilties. Advanced

Inexperienced Persons Aiming To Best Their Tajweed And Pronunciation.

The Importance Of Tajweed

Why Choose Rahiq Academy?

Expert Quran Tutors:

Personalized Classes:

Enjoy One-To-One On Line Sessions For Interactive And Green Gaining Knowledge Of, Providing Centered Interest.

Progress Tracking:

Affordable Fees:

Course Description

Goals Of The Course

Read The Quran Fluently And Superbly, applying Tajweed Guidelines Almost.

Pronounce Quranic Letters With Accuracy And Precision. Understand The Overall Meanings Of Quranic Verses And Their Revelations.

Recognize And Put In Force Preventing And Pausing Signs And Symptoms (Al-Waqf) Inside The Quran.

You ask, we answer

Our Pro And Elite Plans Offer Lesson Cancellations And Rescheduling. For Maximum Flexibility, Elite Offers Unlimited Lesson Rescheduling With No Penalty Fee.

Yes, Pro And Elite Plans Offer 5% And 10% Discounts For Members Of The Same Household. Most Of Our Families With Children Choose The Pro Plan For Scheduling Flexibility And Sibling Discount.

We Are A Subscription Based Service. Once You Sign-Up With A Credit Card, You Will Be Charged Monthly, Depending On The Plan You Choose And How Many Hours You Schedule.

Yes, You Pick The Time That Suits You Best. Teachers Are Available 24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week.

No. All Lessons Are Live And One-On-One With A Teacher.

Our Headquarters Is In Wyoming, USA. Our Staff And Teachers Are Ocated All Over The World.

The First Step Is To Fill Out A Quick Form And We Will Take Care Of The Rest.