Islamic Studies For Kids Course

Enhance Your Child’s Islamic Knowledge With RAHIQ Academy’s Islamic Studies For Kids Course

Are You A Muslim Parent Residing In A Non-Muslim Country, Seeking A Suitable Islamic Education For Your Child? At RAHIQ Academy, We Understand The Unique Challenges You Face. Our Islamic Studies For Kids Course Is Thoughtfully Designed To Cater To The Needs Of Muslim Children Living In Non-Muslim Countries, Offering A Comprehensive And Engaging Online Learning Experience.

What Your Child Will Learn

Our Islamic Studies For Kids Course Is Structured To Provide Age-Appropriate Content, Focusing On Essential Islamic Subjects Such As:

Aqidah (Islamic Creed)

  • Belief In Allah And Tawhid (Monotheism)
  • Belief In Angels, Books, Messengers, And The Last Day
  • Understanding Divine Preordainment And Decrees (Qadhaa’ And Qadar)

Islamic History

  • Stories From The Lives Of The Companions (RAA) And Prominent Muslim Figures
  • Quran And Islamic Stories Of Animals, Birds, And Sects
  • General History Of Islam


  • The Merits Of The Quran
  • Understanding Select Surahs Of The Qur’an
  • Adab (Etiquettes) Of Reciting The Qur’an


  • The Five Pillars Of Islam
  • Practical Demonstration Of Salah And Wudu’
  • Understanding Sawm (Fasting), Zakat (Purifying Charity), Hajj, And More

Islamic Manners And Ethics

  • Sunnan And Adab (Etiquette) Of Various Daily Activities
  • General Islamic Morals And Ethics
  • Islamic Views On Seeking Knowledge And Respecting Others

Duas And Azkar

  • Learning Daily Duas And Azkar With Their Meanings

Course Features

Online Islamic Classes Designed Especially For Children

Our Courses Are Tailored For Children, Making Learning Comprehensive And Enjoyable. The Interactive Teaching Methods Ensure A Solid Foundation In Islamic Education While Fostering A Desire To Learn More About Islam.

Step-By-Step Learning

Our Program Is Divided Into Twelve Levels, Facilitating A Logical And Gradual Learning Process. This Approach Aids Children In Comprehending Complex Islamic Concepts And Terms Effectively.

Expert Instructors In Online Islamic Education

Our Highly Qualified Tutors, Graduates Of Esteemed Institutions Like Al-Azhar University, Utilize Their Experience To Deliver The Best In Online Islamic Studies Education.

One-On-One Islamic Lessons For Kids

We Offer Personalized Attention With One-On-One Online Classes, Ensuring Efficient Progress In Studies. Compared To Group Classes, Our Online Classes Progress 30 To 40 Percent Faster.

Monthly And Weekly Progress Reports

Stay Informed About Your Child’s Progress With Our Comprehensive Progress Monitoring System, Providing Monthly And Weekly Evaluations.

Affordable Fees

We Strive To Make Quality Islamic Education Accessible To All By Offering Expert Teaching And Online Preschool Services At Affordable Prices.

Enroll Your Child Today!

RAHIQ Academy Aims To Provide A Comprehensive Islamic Education, Nurturing Islamic Knowledge And Character For Students Of All Ages. Join Us In This Journey Of Spiritual Growth And Academic Excellence! Enroll Now To Secure A Spot For Your Child In Our Islamic Studies For Kids Course. For A Free Evaluation, Book A Session Today!


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Yes, Pro And Elite Plans Offer 5% And 10% Discounts For Members Of The Same Household. Most Of Our Families With Children Choose The Pro Plan For Scheduling Flexibility And Sibling Discount.

We Are A Subscription Based Service. Once You Sign-Up With A Credit Card, You Will Be Charged Monthly, Depending On The Plan You Choose And How Many Hours You Schedule.

Yes, You Pick The Time That Suits You Best. Teachers Are Available 24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week.

No. All Lessons Are Live And One-On-One With A Teacher.

Our Headquarters Is In Wyoming, USA. Our Staff And Teachers Are Ocated All Over The World.

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