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(Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) Play In Islam. Hadith Is Essential To Comprehending The Holy Quran. Our Online Hadith Courses Cater To Both Kids And Adults Who Seek To Deepen Their Relationship With Allah SWT And Wish To Gain A More Profound Understanding Of Islam.

Hadith Is The Second Primary Source Of Islamic Law And Comprises Any Action, Word, Or Trait Of The Prophet (PBUH) Or His Silence. Hadith Serves To Elucidate Many Of The Quran’s Commandments That May Be Unclear On Their Own. Additionally, Hadith Outlines The Appropriate Way And Method To Live Our Daily Lives In Extremely Intricate Detail, Providing Guidance Until The Day Of Judgment. The Preservation Of These Records Is Thanks To The Prophet’s Companions. As A Testament To This, Our Website, RAHIQ Academy, Provides Online Hadith Courses To All Individuals Seeking To Understand And Implement The True Essence Of Islam Into Their Lives.

For Our Muslim Brothers And Sisters Who Do Not Have The Time To Attend Traditional Islamic Madrassas To Learn Hadith And Its Science Properly, We Offer Online Hadith Classes.


Our Courses Cater To Students Of All Levels, From Beginners To Advanced Learners.

Our Beginner-Level Program Is An Interactive Course Offered In Arabic And English. It Includes Hadiths, Activities, And Exercises On Beliefs, Worship, And Ethics. This Course Has Been Developed By RAHIQ Academy To Ensure That Students Have A Strong Foundation In The Fundamentals Of Hadith.

For Intermediate-Level Students, We Provide A Comprehensive Study Of The Forty Nawawi Book, With A Detailed Explanation Of The Hadiths And The Lessons Derived From Them. This Course Is Designed To Provide Students With A Deeper Understanding Of Hadith And Its Practical Applications.

Our Advanced-Level Course Is For Students Who Wish To Delve Further Into The Science Of Hadith. This Program Covers The Term Hadith, Research Methods In The Hadith’s Sanad And Matn, The Sources That Collected The Prophetic Sunnah, How The Hadiths Are Arranged, And Methods Of Hadith Graduation.

Enroll In RAHIQ Academy Today And Embark On Your Journey Toward Becoming A Hadith Scholar. Our Experienced Faculty And Advanced Curriculum Offer A Unique And Unparalleled Learning Experience.

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Our Pro And Elite Plans Offer Lesson Cancellations And Rescheduling. For Maximum Flexibility, Elite Offers Unlimited Lesson Rescheduling With No Penalty Fee.

Yes, Pro And Elite Plans Offer 5% And 10% Discounts For Members Of The Same Household. Most Of Our Families With Children Choose The Pro Plan For Scheduling Flexibility And Sibling Discount.

We Are A Subscription Based Service. Once You Sign-Up With A Credit Card, You Will Be Charged Monthly, Depending On The Plan You Choose And How Many Hours You Schedule.

Yes, You Pick The Time That Suits You Best. Teachers Are Available 24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week.

No. All Lessons Are Live And One-On-One With A Teacher.

Our Headquarters Is In Wyoming, USA. Our Staff And Teachers Are Ocated All Over The World.

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