Online Fiqh Course

Introduction To Fiqh: Unveiling The Essence Of Islamic Jurisprudence

The Rahiq Academy Online School, Which Furnishes The The Fiqh Perspective To Students While Comparing The Different Schools Of Thought As Well As Going Down To The Foundation Of Fiqh, Offers The Courses Our Aim Is The Online Fiqh Course Students To Get The Method Of Studying Done Entirely With The Fiqh Approach And We Will Discuss The Strategy Of Practicing In The Online Fiqh Course At Rahiq Academy.

Module 1: Understanding Fiqh

➡️ What Is Fiqh?

Fiqh; In The Central Sense; Is Awareness And Life Application Of Islamic Laws Derived From The Quran, Sunnah (Teachings And Practices Of Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him), And The Shaded Muslim Scholars It Embodies A Broad Scope Of Legal Determinations And Principles That Are To Be Taken As A Guidance For Practicing Muslims, In Their Daily Conducts.

➡️ The Sources Of Fiqh

We Endeavor To Study The Syariah Sources Of Fiqh Which Include The Koran, The Sunnah, Consensus (Ijma’), And Analogical Reasoning (Qiyas). Knowing These Sources Is Vital For Being Able To Understand The Path Guideline Through Which Islamic Judgments Be Nurtured.

Over Time, The Schools Of Thought In Fiqh Underwent Various Changes Depending On Different Circumstances, And This Led To Differences In The Way Of Life Between Ummah Members.

Fiqh Is Constantly In Motion, Giving Rise To Several Schools Of Thought That Consider Their Specific Methodologiess And Understandings Of These As The Correct Interpretations. We Study The Major Schools, Including Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, And Hanbali, We Also Explain Them On Analogies And Differences .

Module 2: Principally, The Five Pillars Of Islam

five pillars of islam


➡️ Shahada (The Main Of The Faith)

We Discuss The Importance Of Saying The Shahadah The Testimony Of Faith And Why It’s The Center Of Islamic Faith. For Every Muslim Acceptance Of Allah Spiritual Power Is A Must.

➡️ Salat (Prayer)

Yes, Salat Is The Foundation Of Islam And It Is The Most Important Ritual For A Muslim. We Briefly Touch Upon How To Perform The Obligatory Five Prayers Of A Day Correctly, Wudu (Abultion) Details On Its Benefits, As Well As The Significance Of The Jumuah And Eid Prayers.

➡️ Zakat (Almsgiving)


Zakat (Conventionally, The Obligatory Act Of Giving To Those In Need) Is A Social And Spiritual Pillar Which Plays An Emphasis Role In Muslims Lives. Let Us Discuss The Principle Of Zakat, Its Calculation, And How Serious An Impact It Has On Society.

➡️ Sawm (Fasting)

Ramadan Fasting Is An Obligation Which Is One Of The Pillars Of Islam. We Discover Fasts Spiritual And Physical Benefits, Regulations For Exceptions, And Etiquette For Fasting.

➡️ Hajj (Pilgrimage Or The Journey To Mecca)


The Hajj Journey Is An Exclusive Occumbo For Muslims. We Direct Your Attention To The Rituals And Its Origin And Also The Spiritual Sense This Sacred Ritual Offer.

Module 3: Worship: Willing The Spirit Into Spiritual Oneness With The Supreme Being.

➡️ Purification

One Of The Prerequisites Of Many Deeds Of Worship Is Purification. We Concentrate On The Varying Forms Of Purification With A Discussion Of The Two Main Purification Items, Ablution(Wudu) & Major Ritual Bathing(Ghusl), Ensuring We Leave You With Good Knowledge Of The Specific Steps For Spiritual Cleanliness.And Also To Purify Your Heart From Malicious Diseases That Negatively Affect Faith, Such As Grudges, Hatred, And ArrogancePurifying The Heart From These Matters Is Very Important To Feel Close To God And Feel The Joy Of Faith

➡️ Prayer


The Quran Is The Source Of Muslim Faith While Prayer Is The Key To Communication. Let Go Of The Things That Do Not Affect Our Emotions, Take Away Our Mental Peace And Our Mental Energy.

➡️ Fasting

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Hence, Ramadan Fasting Is Not The Only Fast To Which There Are Substantial Benefits; The One That Is Associated With Voluntary Fasting Is Also Of High Returns. We Interrogate The Different Kinds Of Voluntary Fasts As Well As Spiritual Benefits It Gives The People.

➡️ Zakat

A Comparative View Of Zakat From The First Module Is To Be Expanded, And All Principles And Applications Of Zakat Are Going To Be Clarified To You So As To Have A Good Command Of This Pillar Of Islam.

➡️ Hajj

In Module 2, Main Items Of The Knowledge Were Explained. The Next Modules Will Be Included The Rituals, Historical Background, And Spiritual Significance Of The Hajj.

➡️ Apart From Disciple-Making-Lets Us Understand The Our Form Worship.

Apart From The Pillars Of Islam We Also Further Investigate Other Acts Of Worship Such As Making Petitions To Allah (Dua), Saying Prescribed Congregational Prayers (Dhikr) And Any Other Recommended Acts That Will Help An Individual Admission To The Gardens Of Bliss While Keeping Away From The Pains Of The Infernal Fire.

Module 4: Transactions: A Guide In The World Of Commerce

➡️ Buying And Selling

Islamic Principles Are The Principles Which Influence Muslims In Ethical And Fair Dealing During Business. We Entry The Laws And Regulations Related To Buying And Selling As Well As Ensure That They Are In Reference To Islamic Virtues.

➡️ Renting And Leasing

Rental And Leasing Is Considered Indispensable In The Society. We Focus Our Attention On The Islamic Point Of View Regarding These Transactions, Determinine The Parties Rights And Duties Of Those Involved In The Transactions.

➡️ Loans And Investments

Islamic Financing Provides The Steady Model Of The Loans To Regularized And Investments In Place Of The Conventional Ones. We Are Addressing The Interest-Free Transactions Principles, Making Sure That You Are Clear On Which Means Are Acceptable To Achieve Financial Growth.

➡️ Partnerships

Partnerships Are A Core Stone For A Prosperous Business. We Underscore The Various Forms Of Partnerships That Islam Allows As Well As Illustrate The Values Of Transparency, Trust, And Win-Win Situation.

➡️ Inheritance

According To Muslim Law Of Succession, Wealth Of The Deceased Is Fairly Distributed Among His Legal Heirs. We Unpack The Guidelines And Laws Surrounding Inheritance, Providing You With The Tools To Fairly Distribute Formidable Loads.

Module 5: Family Law: Supporting Peaceful Families In Life.

➡️ Marriage


In Islam, Marriage Stands For A Sacred Bond. Islamically, Taking Into Account Marriage Conditions, Spouses’ Rights And Duties And The Imperative Of Keeping A Conducive Marital Environment Are All Reflecting Our Discussion On The Islamic Viewpoint Of The Marriage Phenomenon

➡️ Divorce


Divorce Is A Fragile Side Of The Human Nature. We Will Illustrate The Islamic Rules For The Divorce, Where We Will Explain The Legal Procedures, Rights, And Responsibilities Of Both Spouses During This Phase Which Is Considered As Difficult Stage.

➡️ Child Care And Maintenance

Most Time, Custody Over Children And Issues Of Child Support Are Key Matters In Case Of Divorce Or Separation Is Major. As Well, We Discuss Islamic Principles That Underlie These Matters Enabling Us To Take Into Consideration The Best Interests Of The Child.

➡️ Inheritance

What We Learned From The Module 4 Lecture Is Just A Start And In This Learning Module, We Turn To Study The Inner Workings Of Inheritance Laws That Create Family Disruptions Particularly Asset Distribution.

Module 6: Legal Systems: Guaranteeing Fairness, Equality And Responsibility.

➡️ Crimes And Punishments

Goal Of Islamic Criminal Law Is Justice And Conduct Of Social Order. We Discuss The Various Crimes Classes And The Penalities Corresponding Of Each, Emphasizing The Notions Of Both Justice And Mercy.

➡️ The Judicial Process

Comprehension Of The Islamic Judicial Process Is Imperative In Absorbing The Essence Of Criminal Law Implementation. Here We Consider The Roles And Accounts Of Appelates, Witnesses And The Relevant Of Fairness Or Due Process.

Module 7: Islamic Ethics: Promoting The Best Traits Amongst Human Beings.

➡️ Morals And Manners

Islam Plays A Vital Role At The Individual Level By Developing The Virtues Of Decent Nature In The Human Being. We Encourage The Virtues And Ethics That Lay A Solid Foundation For Islamic Ethos, Teaching How To Achieve Your Values Based At The Highest Levels Of Morality.

➡️ Rights And Responsibilities

The Religion Of Islam Attaches Much Importance To The Application Of Rights And Duties Affirmatively. We Emphasize That Rights Of Individuals, Families, And The Society Cannot Be Ignored As This Ownership Conception Promotes Social Responsibility And Accountability.

➡️ Social Justice

Social Justice Is One Of The Major Pledge In Islam. We Delve Into The Islamic Pronouncement On Subjects Including Poverty, Class Differentiation, And Subjugation, Reminding You To Unhesitatingly Support A More Fair World.

In Conclusion, Many Students May Ask About How To Study Fiqh Online At Rahiq Academy, And It Is Worth Noting That Learning The Fundamentals Of Fiqh Is One Of The Obligations For Every Muslim, As Fiqh Is One Of The Sciences Related To All Aspects Of Life, Such As Acts Of Worship And Transactions According To The Framework Of The Islamic Religion. Therefore, Rahiq Academy Provides An Online Fiqh Course For Those Interested In Learning Islamic Studies Online.
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