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Rahiq Academy Is An Esteemed Online Academy That Offers Comprehensive Courses In Learning The Holy Quran, Arabic Language, And Islamic Studies. One Of Our Flagship Courses Is “Learn Noorani Qaida,” Which Aims To Provide Students With The Essential Skills To Read The Quran With Proficiency And Accuracy. In This Article, We Will Delve Into The Significance Of Noorani Qaida, The Curriculum Of Our Course, And The Reasons Why Individuals Should Choose Rahiq Academy For Their Quranic Learning Journey.

Course Structure

🎓 Class Type:

Personalized One-On-One Sessions

🕒 Class Duration:

Engaging 30-Minute Lessons

🚀 Requirements:

None – Just Bring Your Enthusiasm!

💡 Course Level:

Perfect For Beginners

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Tailored To Your Learning Pace

👩‍🏫 Tutor:

Expert Online Private Tutor

👥 Gender:

Both Male/Female

🌍 Languages:

English / Arabic

1. Understanding Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida Is A Foundational Tool Used To Teach Beginners The Basics Of Quranic Reading. It Serves As A Stepping Stone For Individuals With Little To No Prior Knowledge Of The Arabic Language. Noorani Qaida Focuses On Teaching The Correct Pronunciation Of Arabic Letters, The Rules Of Tajweed (The Proper Recitation Of The Quran), And The Formation Of Words And Sentences.

2. What Will You Learn In “Learn Noorani Qaida” Course?

Our “Learn Noorani Qaida” Course At Rahiq Academy Covers A Comprehensive Curriculum That Equips Students With The Necessary Skills To Read The Quran Accurately And Fluently. Here Are The Key Components Of Our Course:

2.1 Introduction To Arabic Letters

In This Module, Students Will Be Introduced To The Arabic Alphabet And Learn The Pronunciation Of Each Letter. They Will Also Become Familiar With The Different Forms Of Letters Depending On Their Position Within A Word. This Foundational Knowledge Is Crucial For Developing A Strong Quranic Reading Ability.

2.2 Tajweed Rules

Tajweed Is The Science Of Reciting The Quran With Proper Pronunciation And Intonation. In This Module, Students Will Learn The Basic Rules Of Tajweed, Including The Characteristics Of Letters, The Rules Of Elongation, And The Rules Of Stopping. Understanding Tajweed Is Essential For Reciting The Quran In A Melodious And Accurate Manner.

2.3 Formation Of Words And Sentences

Building Upon The Knowledge Gained In The Previous Modules, Students Will Now Learn How To Form Words And Sentences Using The Arabic Letters They Have Mastered. This Module Focuses On Developing Reading Fluency And Comprehension, Enabling Students To Understand The Meaning And Context Of Quranic Verses.

2.4 Practice And Application

To Reinforce The Concepts Learned, This Module Provides Ample Opportunities For Students To Practice Their Reading Skills. They Will Engage In Reading Exercises, Recitation Drills, And Interactive Activities To Enhance Their Proficiency. Regular Practice Is Key To Mastering The Art Of Quranic Reading.

3. Why Choose Rahiq Academy For Learning Noorani Qaida?

Studying Noorani Qaida At Rahiq Academy Offers Numerous Advantages For Learners:

3.1 Expert Instructors

At Rahiq Academy, We Have A Team Of Highly Qualified And Experienced Instructors Who Specialize In Teaching Noorani Qaida. They Possess In-Depth Knowledge Of Quranic Recitation And Tajweed Rules, Ensuring That Students Receive Accurate Guidance And Personalized Attention Throughout Their Learning Journey.

3.2 Flexible Online Learning

Our Online Platform Provides Students With The Flexibility To Learn At Their Own Pace And Convenience. Whether You Are A Busy Professional, A Student, Or A Homemaker, You Can Access Our Course Materials Anytime, Anywhere. This Flexibility Allows Individuals To Balance Their Quranic Learning With Their Other Commitments.

3.3 Interactive Learning Environment

We Believe In Creating An Engaging And Interactive Learning Environment For Our Students. Our Course Incorporates Multimedia Resources, Interactive Quizzes, And Games To Make The Learning Process Enjoyable And Effective. This Approach Fosters Active Participation And Enhances Retention Of Knowledge.

3.4 Progress Tracking And Assessment

To Ensure Continuous Growth, Our Course Includes Regular Assessments And Progress Tracking Tools. Students Can Monitor Their Improvement, Identify Areas For Further Development, And Receive Feedback From Their Instructors. This Personalized Approach Helps Students Stay Motivated And Achieve Their Quranic Reading Goals.

3.5 Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Curriculum Is Carefully Designed To Cover All Essential Aspects Of Noorani Qaida. We Prioritize The Mastery Of Pronunciation, Tajweed Rules, And Reading Comprehension To Enable Students To Read The Quran With Confidence. Our Comprehensive Approach Ensures That Students Develop A Strong Foundation In Quranic Reading.


Embarking On The Journey Of Quranic Reading Is A Noble Endeavor For Muslims. Rahiq Academy’s “Learn Noorani Qaida” Course Provides A Structured And Comprehensive Learning Experience, Equipping Students With The Necessary Skills To Read The Quran Accurately And Fluently. With Expert Instructors, Flexible Online Learning, Interactive Resources, Progress Tracking, And A Comprehensive Curriculum, Rahiq Academy Is The Ideal Choice For Individuals Seeking To Master The Basics Of Quranic Reading. Join Us At Rahiq Academy And Embark On A Transformative Journey Of Quranic Learning.

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