The Guidance of the Quran

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The Guidance of the Quran

All Praise Belongs To Allah, The Most Exalted, Who Revealed The Noble Quran, A Book Free From Any Crookedness Or Deviation. He Sent It Down As A Bearer Of Glad Tidings For The Believers, A Warning For The Disbelievers, And A Beacon To Guide Humanity Towards The Straight Path.

The Miracle of Guidance

The Most Glorious Miracle Of The Quran Lies In Its Capacity To Guide All People, Arabs And Non-Arabs, Scholars And Laymen, Literate And Illiterate Alike. They Turn To Its Verses Seeking The Light That Will Lead Them Out Of Darkness And Into Illumination. For Those Wondering How To Become Muslim Or Learn The Steps To Becoming Muslim, The Quran Provides The Answer. As Allah, The Most High, Declares: “Alif, Lam, Meem. This Is The Book About Which There Is No Doubt, A Guidance For Those Conscious Of Allah.” (Quran 2:1-2) He Also Proclaims: “And We Have Sent Down To You The Book As Clarification For All Things And As Guidance And Mercy And Good Tidings For The Muslims.” (Quran 16:89) Moreover, Allah States: “There Has Come To You From Allah A Light And A Clear Book By Which Allah Guides Those Who Pursue His Pleasure To The Ways Of Peace And Brings Them Out From Darknesses Into The Light, By His Permission, And Guides Them To A Straight Path.” (Quran 5:15-16)

Path of Salvation

This Quran Guides Its Followers Towards The Path Of Salvation, Rescuing Them From Destruction. It Shows Them The Clearest Ways, Deters Them From The Forbidden, And Directs Them Towards The Most Beloved Matters. It Protects Them From Error And Guides Them To The Straight Path. Since Guiding Humanity Was The Ultimate Purpose For Which Humans And Jinn Were Created, Allah Made This Guidance A Central Objective In Revealing The Quran. As He States: “And We Have Sent Down To You The Book As Clarification For All Things And As Guidance And Mercy And Good Tidings For The Muslims.” (Quran 16:89) He Also Declares: “O Mankind, There Has To Come To You Instruction From Your Lord And Healing For What Is In The Breasts And Guidance And Mercy For The Believers.” (Quran 10:57) Additionally, Allah Affirms: “The Month Of Ramadhan [Is That] In Which Was Revealed The Quran, A Guidance For The People And Clear Proofs Of Guidance And Criterion.” (Quran 2:185)

Prophetic Revelation

The Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, Received This Glorious Book From His Lord, A Revelation He Had No Prior Knowledge Of. He Then Conveyed It To The People, Guiding Them Towards The Straight Path, As Allah Says: “And Thus We Have Revealed To You An Inspiration Of Our Command. You Did Not Know What Is The Book Or [What Is] Faith, But We Have Made It A Light By Which We Guide Whom We Will Of Our Servants. And Indeed, [O Muhammad], You Guide To A Straight Path.” (Quran 42:52) The Prophet Recited The Quran To His People, And It Left A Profound Impact On Their Hearts And Souls, Even Those Of The Polytheists Who Could Not Help But Praise Its Eloquence And Beauty, Even If They Did Not Believe In Its Message. Al-Waleed Ibn Al-Mugheerah, A Renowned Poet Of The Time, Said: “By Allah, There Is No One Among You More Knowledgeable Of Poetry Than Me, And No One Is More Aware Of Its Rhyme And Composition More Than Me, And More Knowledgeable Of The Poetry Of Jinn, And It (Quran) Does Not Resemble The Style Of Words We Are Using. By Allah, It Is So Sweet, So Eloquent, It Is Rich In Meanings; It Shall Prevail Over Any Speech.”

Impact on Individuals

When ‘Utbah Ibn Rabee’ah Went To The Prophet To Present The Offers Of Quraysh In Exchange For Abandoning His Call To Islam, The Prophet Listened To Him Patiently Until He Finished. Then, He Recited To ‘Utbah Some Verses From Surah Fussilat. Afterward, When ‘Utbah Returned To His People, They Could See The Profound Effect The Quran Had On Him, As He Said: “By Allah, The Words I Heard From Him Shall Be Of Great Effect.” Those Were The Words Of Those Who Were Affected By The Quran But Were Not Guided By It Due To Their Arrogance And Envy. As For Those Polytheists Who Opened Their Hearts And Minds To The Quran, Its Words Penetrated Their Souls, Enlightening Their Hearts Until They Embraced The True Testimony Of Islam. Knowing The Quran’s Impact On People’s Souls, The Polytheists Tried To Prevent Others From Listening To It, Commanding People To Make Noise Whenever It Was Recited To Distract Them From Hearing It, As Allah Says: “And Those Who Disbelieve Say, ‘Do Not Listen To This Quran And Speak Noisily During [The Recitation Of] It That Perhaps You Will Overcome.’” (Quran 41:26)

Diversity of Guidance

Observing The Quran’s Methods Of Guidance And Impact Reveals Their Diversity, As People Are Affected In Different Ways. The Quran Does Not Reach Their Hearts Through A Single Path But Through Various Means. Some Souls Are Drawn By The Promise Of Goodness, Longing For The Rewards And Generosity Allah Has Prepared For The Believers. Others Need To Be Reprimanded And Warned, So When They Hear The Verses Threatening Punishment And Torment For Those Who Disobey, They Are Terrified And Guided Towards The Straight Path. Some Souls Are Attracted By The Quran’s Eloquent Words, Its Beautiful Phrases, And Its Expressive Imagery And Perfect Structure. When They Encounter Such Verses, It Guides Them Towards The Truth. Other Souls Are Captivated By Stories, Their Narration, Topics, And Consequences, Finding In The Quran’s Narratives And Lessons What Satisfies Their Curiosity And Restrains Their Whims, As The Stories Of The Quran Are Unlike Any Others. Moreover, There Are Souls Seeking Evidence And Convincing Arguments To Leave The Misguidance They Are Upon, And The Quran Does Not Overlook This Path Of Guidance. It Presents Proofs And Compelling Evidence That Compel The Just Person To Submit To It, Accept Its Authority, And Be Guided By It. The Quran Overpowers Human Beings Through The Only Way That Conquers Their Superiority In Argumentation: By Providing Compelling Evidence For Every Misconception And Compelling Proof For Every Argument. Rejecting Faith After Reciting The Quran Is Disbelief Born Of Negligence, Not Ignorance, And Of Neglect, Not Incapacity.

Learning the Quran Online

It Is Worth Mentioning That The Guiding Effect Generated By The Quran In Some Readers Or Listeners, Leading Them To The Straight Path, Does Not Mean That Others Who Are Counted Among The Upright Do Not Need The Quran’s Guidance. This Is Not The Case, For Every Human Being Is In Dire Need Of The Quran’s Guidance And Its Impact On Their Soul, Whether To Rectify Their Path Or To Attain Greater Enlightenment And Direction. However, Reaching This Requires Certain Means, Such As Taking An Online Quran Course, Learning Tajweed Online, Or Enrolling In An Online Qirat Class.

A Perpetual Miracle

The Quran’s Guidance Is A Perpetual Miracle, A Divine Gift That Continues To Illuminate The Hearts And Minds Of Those Who Approach It With Sincerity And An Open Mind. Its Impact Transcends Time And Place, Reaching Out To People Of All Backgrounds And Walks Of Life, Offering Them The Light They Need To Emerge From The Depths Of Darkness And Ignorance. For Those Interested In Obtaining An Ijazah (Certification) In Qirat Or Other Islamic Sciences, There Are Online Ijazah Programs Available That Follow A Structured Curriculum And Provide Authentication From Qualified Scholars.

Guidance in the Modern World

In Our Contemporary World, Where Materialism And Superficiality Often Dominate, The Quran’s Guidance Is More Valuable Than Ever. It Offers A Comprehensive Way Of Life That Nurtures The Soul, Cultivates Ethical Values, And Fosters A Sense Of Purpose And Belonging. By Adhering To Its Principles, Individuals And Communities Can Find Solace, Direction, And The Means To Navigate The Complexities Of Modern Existence While Maintaining A Connection With The Divine.

Comprehensive Guidance

The Quran’s Guidance Is Not Limited To Spiritual Matters Alone; It Also Addresses Social, Economic, And Political Realms, Providing A Framework For Just And Equitable Societies. Its Teachings Promote Social Cohesion, Economic Justice, And Responsible Leadership, Ensuring The Welfare And Prosperity Of All Members Of Society.

Moreover, The Quran’s Guidance Extends To The Realm Of Scientific Inquiry, Encouraging The Pursuit Of Knowledge And The Study Of The Natural World As A Means To Understand The Creator’s Signs And Marvel At The Intricacies Of His Creation. Its Verses Are Replete With References To Natural Phenomena, Inviting Readers To Ponder, Observe, And Unravel The Mysteries Of The Universe.

In Essence, The Quran’s Guidance Is A Comprehensive And Multifaceted Treasure, Offering Wisdom, Enlightenment, And Direction To Those Who Seek It With Sincere Hearts And Open Minds. Its Impact Continues To Resonate Across Generations, Transcending Cultural And Linguistic Boundaries, And Serving As A Timeless Source Of Inspiration And Transformation For Individuals And Societies Alike.

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