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About This Online Quran Tafseer Course For Non-Arabic Speakers

For Many Non-Arabic Speaking Muslims, Understanding The Meaning Of Quranic Verses Can Be Challenging. This Language Barrier Can Prevent Them From Gaining A Complete Understanding Of The Quran’s Message. Each Surah’s Verses Have A Distinct Meaning In Various Contexts, And Without Proper Knowledge, Readers May Struggle To Comprehend The Creator’s Intent. Finding A Suitable Tutor To Assist With Quranic Comprehension Can Be Difficult, Especially For Those Residing In Non-Muslim Countries. That’s Where Raheeq Academy’s Online Quran Tafseer Course Comes In, Tailored To Meet The Needs Of Non-Native Arabic-Speaking Muslims. Taught By Certified Azhar Instructors Proficient In English, This Course Breaks Down Complex Concepts Into Simple Terms, Providing Students With A Deeper Understanding Of The Quran’s Verses And Surahs. Utilizing Authentic Tafsir Books, Teachers Offer Interpretations That Are Easy To Comprehend And Apply To Everyday Life.

What Does Tafseer Mean? Uncovering The True Meaning Of The Quran

In Arabic, Tafseer Is Derived From The Word ‘Fassara,’ Which Translates To Clarify Or Reveal The Objective. Tafseer Is A Comprehensive Study Of The Quran Aimed At Uncovering Its True Meaning, Examining Its Underlying Injunctions, And Understanding The Historical Context Of Its Revelation. As The Divine Speech Of Allah, The Quran’s Profundity Is Infinite And Beyond Human Comprehension. By Delving Into Its Linguistic, Logical, And Theoretical Aspects, We Can Unlock Its Wisdom And Deepen Our Relationship With Allah SWT. The More Time We Devote To Studying It, The More We Can Learn From Its Teachings.

✳️ Why Learning Tafseer Is Essential For Understanding The Quran

✔ Gain Clarity Beyond Quran Translation

For Non-Native Arabic Speakers, It Is Crucial To Familiarize Themselves With Quran Translation And Tafseer To Fully Comprehend The Arabic Verses. The Eloquence And Poetic Nature Of The Quran’s Language Mean Direct Translations Do Not Always Convey The Depth Of Meaning. Through Studying Tafseer, Students Can Gain Clarity On The Lessons Within.

✔ Apply Quranic Guidance To Daily Life

The Quran Offers Guidance In Every Aspect Of Life, Including Personal, Social, Economic, And Political Matters. It Instructs Human Beings On The Purpose Of Life And How To Lead A Happy, Successful, And Healthy Life In This World And The Hereafter. To Fully Appreciate The Timeless Wisdom Of This Divine Book, It Is Necessary To Understand Its True Meaning.

✔ Learn Proper Quran Interpretation

Interpreting The Quran Requires Reading Each Ayah In The Context Of Its Revelation. At Raheeq Academy, Our Qualified Tutors Teach The Online Quran Tafseer Course To Ensure Proper Understanding. Our Course Offers A Detailed Understanding Of The Quran Through Word-By-Word Translation And In-Depth Analysis, Making It Ideal For Students Seeking To Comprehend The Quran.

✳️Benefits Of Online Quran Tafseer Classes

✔ Improved Salah Focus

As A Muslim, You’re Required To Perform Salah Five Times A Day. However, If You Don’t Speak Arabic Natively, It Can Be Challenging To Understand The Meaning Of The Verses You’re Reciting. By Learning Tafseer Through Our Online Course, You Can Gain A Deeper Understanding Of The Verses And Perform Salah With Greater Concentration.

✔ Character Development

The Quran Provides Guidance For Living A Life That’s Pleasing To Allah And Leads To Jannah. Our Online Quran Tafseer Course Can Help You Understand Allah’s Commands And Develop Your Character Accordingly. By Learning From The Quran, You Can Orient Your Behavior Towards What Pleases Allah.

✔ Appreciation Of Islamic History

The Quran Contains Many Stories About The Prophets And Their Ummah, As Well As Miracles Performed By The Prophets. By Learning The Deeper Meanings Behind These Stories Through Tafseer, You Can Gain A Greater Understanding And Appreciation Of Islam’s Rich History.

✔ Da’wah Skills

When You Deepen Your Understanding Of Islam Through Our Online Quran Tafseer Course, You’ll Be Better Equipped To Share Your Knowledge With Others And Invite Them To Islam. By Gaining A Clearer Interpretation Of Islam, You Can Inspire Others To Learn More And Become Muslims Themselves.

Why Choose Our Online Quran Tafseer Course?

✔ Interactive Classes

Our Online Quran Tafseer Classes Are Designed To Be Engaging, With Streaming Video, Whiteboards, And One-On-One Zoom Sessions. Our Experienced Teachers Encourage Discussion Using Thought-Provoking Ideas To Help Students Grasp Concepts.

✔ Qualified Quran Teachers

Our Tutors Are Hand-Picked Based On Their Qualifications And Expertise In Quranic Studies. They Are Specialized In Tafseer And Committed To Delivering High Quality Islamic Education.

✔ Flexible Self-Paced Learning

Our Courses Accommodate Your Schedule, So You Can Learn At Your Own Pace. If You Miss A Class, We Offer Convenient Make-Up Sessions With Notice.

✔ 24/7 Student Support

Our Customer Support Team Is Available Around The Clock To Answer Any Questions About Our Online Quran Tafseer Course.

✔ Structured Curriculum

Our Course Features Scheduled Lectures, Assignments, Quizzes And Monthly Reports To Help Students Track Progress And Achieve Learning Objectives.

Start Gaining A Deeper Understanding Of The Quran By Enrolling In Our Online Quran Tafseer Course Today.

✳️ Quran Tafseer Course Study Material

Our Online Quran Tafseer Course Offers The Following Study Material:

🔶Detailed Course Content

  • Virtues And History Of Each Surah
  • Themes And Topics Covered In The Surah
  • Authentic Tafsir Explanations Of Verses
  • References To Asbab Al-Nuzul (Context Of Revelation)

Experience An Enriching Journey Towards Better Quran Comprehension Through Our Expertly Designed Course Content.

✳️ Goals Of Our Online Quran Tafseer Course

✔ Achieve Deeper Understanding Of The Quran

Our Course Aims To Help You Gain Profound Comprehension Of The Quran’s Meaning Using Studying Authentic Tafsir Works.

✔ Apply Quranic Wisdom To Daily Life

Additionally, You Will Discover The Valuable Lessons Of The Quran And How To Apply Them In Your Everyday Life.

✔ Analyze Correlations Between Verses And Surahs

We Will Equip You With Skills To Analyze Connections Between Different Components Of The Quran And Extract Benefits.

Join Us In Cultivating A Meaningful Relationship With The Words Of Allah SWT.

✳️ Conclusion

The Ability To Learn The Holy Quran Is An Honor And Puts Us Among The Best In The Ummah. As Our Prophet PBUH Said: “The Best Among You Are Those Who Learn The Quran And Teach It.” Enroll In Our Online Quran Tafseer Course To Begin Reaping The Blessings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I Need To Know Arabic For This Quran Tafseer Course?

A1. No Arabic Knowledge Is Required. Our Experienced Teachers Provide Detailed Explanations, Translations And Analysis Of Verses In English. #Quran #Tafseer #OnlineClasses

Q2. How Long Does The Course Take To Complete?

A2. Our Comprehensive Course Is Designed As A 12-Month Program But Is Self-Paced. On Average, Students Complete It In 9-12 Months. #Quran #Tafseer #SelfPaced

Q3. What Resources Will I Get Access To?

A3. You’ll Get Online Access To Notes, Quran Translations, Explanations And More Required Study Materials. Just Need A Device And Internet. #Quran #OnlineResources #Tafseer

Q4. Is There Any Certification Provided?

A4. Yes, We Award Completion Certificates To Acknowledge Your Achievements. It Serves As Official Proof You Finished Our Accredited Program. #Quran #Certificate #Tafseer

Q5. Can I Get A Refund If Unsatisfied?

A5. We Offer 100% Refund If You Withdraw Within 30 Days. Beyond That, Refunds Are Prorated Based On Percentage Of Course Completed. #RefundPolicy #Quran #Tafseer

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